About Chase the Summit

Hi, I'm Dave.

The founder/owner/whatever you want to call it of Chase the Summit. I'm a Massachusetts based father of four young kids, married to my best friend, and love being outside whether that be running, hiking, climbing, skiing, whatever!

I started the Chase the Summit youtube channel in 2019 as a way to document and share my fitness journey in hopes to empower and motivate others in a similar situation. At the time I had a lofty goal to climb Mount Rainier (14,411' peak in Washington State) and to do this I would need to get myself in peak physical condition. That's where the name "Chase the Summit" was derived from.

Along this journey I found a passion in trail, ultra running and hiking. That's when I started to publish "gear review" style videos on YouTube which ended up being much more popular than my silly little vlog videos. Fast forward years later... I'm still making these silly videos about gear but now doing this as my full time job as well.

The Chase the Summit brand started as a personal passion project on youtube. However, it's grown to mean much more than just a brand name. It's a mantra, it's a lifestyle. I hope everyone can find their "summit" and push themselves to accomplish what it takes to reach those goals.

Funny though... I never did climb that mountain!

What is Chase the Summit Today?

Chase the Summit is still very much a media focused company providing weekly content on YouTube along with a new Podcast channel focused on longer form content including guest conversations and news topics.

However, the brand is expanding in new and exciting ways with the introduction of the Chase the Summit Custom Shop Product Line!

Included in this will be Custom hats, active wear, and apparel that aren't your typical low quality "YouTuber Merch" but instead super high quality gear you can rely on for years to come. The product line will be expanding as time goes on. If you have any special requests make sure to use the Contact Form and send them along!

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