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Top 5 Beginner Winter 4000 Footers In New Hampshire

Not long ago, A friend of mine asked which 4000 footer should he tackle as his first winter 4k peak. He already had his winter equipment figured out from local lower elevation hikes like Mount Monadnock (Read more about winter gear selection here). He is also a decently experienced “fair-weather hiker” looking to extend into the winter months….

Franconia Ridge Traverse – Fog, Rain, and Sunshine

August 21, 2016- I spent the week leading up to today anxiously trying to choose a “something good” to hike. It’s always an indecisive internal struggle! My initial thought was to go with a WCM (Wildcat, Carter, Moriah) traverse. However, timing and the 3+ hour drive one-way would have meant leaving my house at midnight and starting…

Mt Chocorua Via The Piper Trail

A couple weeks ago I had planned to head up to the Presidential Range to hike up the steep Huntington Ravine Trail. However, the weather had other plans. While approaching the Mt. Washington Valley on Rt. 16 I could see the clouds looming over the higher peaks. Huntington Ravine isn’t a great option in wet…

Mt Flume And Liberty Via Flume Slide

 Due to some work obligations, a knee injury, and travel It’s been a while since I’ve been back in the White Mountains of NH. Today Conan and I returned! I decided to head into Franconia Notch and hike up Mt. Flume and Liberty. I’ve been on these mountains several times before but this would be a first for Conan!There’s a few different ways to hike these mountains. The easier route would be to take the Osseo or Liberty Springs trail as an “in and out”. Today I was looking for a bit of a challenge and decided to take Flume Slide Trail. I’m still recovering from a knee injury from December, but I was feeling strong and ambitious today.Flume Slide trail is known for its notoriously steep wet slab climb to the summit of Mt. Flume. I was apprehensive to take Conan up this trail since it’s not very dog friendly, but he’s done some steep climbs with me before so we went for it.The weather forecast for the day looked great, mid-high 80’s, sunny, dry, low wind!

Mt. San Jacinto In Southern California – Old Friends And High Altitude

I had to travel to Oceanside California on business. Fortunately for me, I got one “free day” off and there are a few large mountains within a reasonable driving distance from this city. Even more fortunate, I have friends who live in the area and one who was willing to join me on a hike!

While being totally unfamiliar with the area I had to rely on Google and Facebook to find the “must see” peaks within a 2 hour drive… I wanted to make my one day off count! At the same time, I knew I would have been a little worn out from working all week and traveling. My long time friend Jeff reluctantly signed up to join me for the trip. He prefers coastal, low elevation hikes but would make an exception today.

The Bonds – My Favorite Place In The White Mountains

Today Conan and I decided to make a trip to the Pemigewasset Wilderness and visit my favorite place in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The Bonds! Three peaks: Bondcliff (4,265′), Mt. Bond (4,698′), and West Bond (4,540′) all classify as New Hampshire 4000 footers.I have been up here twice before. However, it would be a first for Conan. It would also be my first time visiting the bonds by approaching in and out via Lincoln Woods. The Bonds are incredible peaks that are as isolated as it gets in the White Mountains. From the summit of Bondcliff you cannot see another man made structure (unless you squint and see the fire tower on Mt. Carrigain.).Bondcliff is known for it’s exposed rocky ledges and cliffs. It is an amazing sight to see in person and I was excited to get back there!

North And South Hancock – Another Icy Day

Sunday, April 10thWe got a late start today and didn’t get on the road until 9AM. So I decided that we’d head up to the Hancocks as it’s a shorter drive than most of the White Mountains from Massachusetts. We parked at the Hancock Hairpin turn off of the Kancamangus highway and hit the trail by 11:45… Late start! The scariest part of this hike might be crossing the highway to get to the trail head!

Video: Why I Do It

I decided to try something different. I was browsing through my gigantic library of images and video’s from over the past few years. Instead of creating some long dragged out video you’d lose interest in I decided to smash it all into a 3 minute video. Here’s the result… Let me know what you think…