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5 Awesome Destinations For The Boston Based Hiker

You’re a hiker or trail runner working on your New Hampshire 48 4000 footers… but you live near BOSTON in Massachusetts! The struggle is real! For most simply uprooting your family, destroying your career, and moving north isn’t really an option. Even the most dedicated are weekend warriors at best. Speaking as a seasoned “Masshole” myself…

Franconia Ridge Traverse – Fog, Rain, and Sunshine

August 21, 2016- I spent the week leading up to today anxiously trying to choose a “something good” to hike. It’s always an indecisive internal struggle! My initial thought was to go with a WCM (Wildcat, Carter, Moriah) traverse. However, timing and the 3+ hour drive one-way would have meant leaving my house at midnight and starting…